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Classification and time: Part Time 

Responsible to: Executive Board

Responsibilities: The IAASSE Membership and Business Liaison focuses on developing relationships with our individual members and corporate supporters. The primary objective of this role is to increase revenue in the areas of membership, sponsorship and advertising with the IAASSE while upholding the Values and Principles of the IAASSE.

Membership Management

  • Actively promote IAASSE through maturing relationships with all individuals and companies to increase membership and sponsorship
  • Maintain database of individual and corporate members
  • Develop and maintain relationships with third party vendors and contractors that secure appropriate barter in trade memberships
  • Manage Corporate Supporter Bios and Corporate logos on the website
  • Assist individuals with the membership registration process
  • Solicit feedback from community to continually improve the value of IAASSE Membership

Sponsorship and Outreach

  • Communicate with current corporate supporters regarding additional opportunities to support IAASSE
  • Serve as the central point of contact for conference sponsorship sales
  • Serve as the central point of contact for publication sales
  • Coordinate contracts and invoicing through appropriate channels
  • Coordinate with event planners to simplify and streamline the sponsor/vendor experience

Other Activities

  • Coordinate and Manage the IAASSE conferences and publications
  • Coordinate and Manage any award recognition programs