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IAASSE is going to be one of the world’s professional association dedicated for advancement of technological innovation and excellence to make it beneficial for humanity. IAASSE and its members are sure to inspire the global community through its open access publications, conferences and educational and professional activities.

The following is the information of IAASSE services and offers.


Quick Facts

  • more than 650 members in more than 10 countries;
  • more than 50% of members are students and scholars;
  • Ten executive members in different countries that unite local members;
  • has two technical councils that represent the wide range of IAASSE technical interests;
  • has more than 400 research articles in the IAASSE Digital Library, with more than thousand downloads each month;
  • publishes open acess journals;
  • orgaizes or sponsors conferences in countries.


There are more than 650 members in over 10 countries around the world that are scholars, academicians, educators, scientists and engineers whose technical interests are computer sciences, engineering, and related disciplines.

The membership is FREE as of now if approved by the IAASSE Board. Learn More



IAASSE publishes open access journals in computer science, engineering and scientific research. These journals are consistent and widely accepted among the computer science, engineering community and society. The research articles are availabe online through IAASSE open access digital library. Learn More



Each year, over 100s of students, scholars and technical professionals attend the conferences organized or sponsored by IAASSE. From computers and sciences to management and finance, IAASSE conferences cover relevant topics, which showcase the depth and breadth of its members’ technical fields. Learn More




The IAASSE relies on donations to award grants to new and innovative research work that support a variety of educational, technological and peer-recognition ideas of IAASSE.



Accomplishments in IAASSE technical fields are recognized with annual awards for outstanding contributions for society. These awards recognize individuals for their exceptional contribution in the IAASSE fields of interest.