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IAASSE uses social media, blogging, and other internet news and information sources to bring latest research articles in front of the world. Representing more than 10 countries, IAASSE has over 650 members worldwide and is going to be one of the most respected and widely known scholarly association in this field. Endeavoring to create communities of scholars dedicated to international studies, which provide opportunities to exchange ideas and research with local colleagues and within specific subject areas, IAASSE is there with the latest trends, tips, and tales. 

IAASSE was founded in 2012 to promote research and education in international affairs. IAASSE cooperates with many international educational institutes in over 10 countries.

The IAASSE team gets a visit from renowned environmental architect Dr. Gene Wassserman, who demonstrates some of the latest trends in green building and energy efficient retrofitting.

IAASSE appreciates the contributions of the many fine people who strive to improve the quality by their research!

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IAASSE's primary venue of dynamic information can be found on our Facebook page, where we routinely crosslink blog articles, news items, and tips to our followers.  We also maintain an active Twitter account, with our popular news Of The month and much more!

IAASSE welcomes contributions from writers and scholars all over the world. Please feel free to submit your relevant and topical work: you could be featured on our daily roll, or even become an official contributor!