International Association of Academicians Connecting  Scholars, Scientists and Engineers 


Mission & Vision

  • To provide technical information, community services, and personalized services to scholars, students, scientists, engineers and professionals by recognizing the importance of reseach & development that play important role within the engineering, technology and computing fields.
  • To help and teach students, scholars as well as academicians, by providing free online tutorials and case studies, by advancing the theory, practice, and application of science and information technology, by promoting cooperation and exchange of technical information among its members and to this end organizing the meetings and conferences for the presentation and discussion of technical papers, by publishing technical journals, by providing technical and professional products and services and by adopting appropriate means to provide for the needs of its


IAASSE's primary venue of dynamic information can be found on social networking websites, where we routinely crosslink blog articles, news items, and tips to our followers.  


IAASSE welcomes contributions from writers and scholars all over the world. Please feel free to submit your relevant and topical work: you could be featured on our daily roll, or even become an official contributor!


IAASSE was founded in 2012 to promote research and development in international affairs. Originally the brain-child of P. Iom, N. Telcia and R. Kevin, today IAASSE proudly have a worldwide team of contributing members, creative writers, bloggers, and news junkies. Through the power of activism and the internet, we strive to improve the quality of research and its development for life of ourselves, our peers, and future generations.

IAASSE cooperates with many international educational institutes in over 10 countries. At the grassroots level, its a rapidly growing international community of scholars, scientists and engineers by lending valuable assistance at conferences, publications, and other events.

The IAASSE team gets a visit from renowned environmental architect Dr. Gene Wassserman, who demonstrates some of the latest trends in green building and energy efficient retrofitting.

IAASSE appreciates the contributions of the many fine people who strive to improve the quality by their research!

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IAASSE has been using journals, blogging, and other internet news and information sources to bring latest research articles in front of the world. Its growing membership has led to councils in India, China, and Africa fostering networking opportunities and enhancing IAASSE's ability to raise awareness of important technical and educational reseach issues around the world. Endeavoring to create communities of scholars dedicated to international studies, which provide opportunities to exchange ideas and research with local colleagues and within specific subject areas, IAASSE is there with the latest trends, tips, and tales. 

What is IAASSE

IAASSE is International Association of Academicians that connects Scholars, Scientists and Engineers. The association is incorporated under this name and it is the full legal and registered name within the USA and as its chapters in other countries . Its membership has long been composed of academicians, scholars, students, scientists and engineers which include computer scientists, software professionals, information technologists, physicists, medical doctors, and many others.