Membership Offers

Membership Discounts and Special Offers

Membership Discounts and Special Offers

The membership offers and discounts is a way to say "Thanks to be our member!"

For IAASSE members there are many valuable offers and discounts on select services that they need, want and use. If you still are not an IAASSE member, join now!

Below you can find the list of offer that include cashbacks and discounts on software/hardware, dining, shopping, entertainment, education, travel, financial products, general consumer products, services and many more!

Please note that programs, offers, and vendor participation are subject to change.


The following are the features of offers that are available for IAASSE Members.

Savings Advantage

Increase your annual savings with offers & perks in every sphere of life.

Long Term Deals Advantage

Enjoy long term exclusive benefits with offers that are available all year round.

App Advantage

Get notified about the perks available nearby, with added features of personalization.

Analytics Advantage

Dashboard to get all the information like total savings at one place & more.

Market Place Advantage

6000+ options to redeem your points & avail exclusive discounts.

Perks Advantage

Get special offers on redemption of awarded points.

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