Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

Benefits of membership

There are many reasons why you should join IAASSE. IAASSE provides the tools and resources to become a part of the dynamic research that is changing our world and helps in advancement of your career by enriching your knowledge.

IAASSE delivers access to the technical information, networking opportunities, and many other exclusive benefits to its members like:

  • Name in our online portal or editorial board of our journals (Limited to professional member grade)
  • Build a network around industry, profession or projects
  • Access to its publications/digital library at No cost
  • Participate in upcoming conferences at discounted rates
  • Keynote speech at conferences, (Limited to professional member grade)
  • Avail Travel Grants and Awards, if eligible
  • Cash backs/Discounts offer on a variety of products and services
  • Develop interpersonal skills
  • Create new professional relationships
  • Find targeted job opportunities and more

Special Offers

For Members, IAASSE offers select programs and services by MAKING provision for discounts on the goods and services that they need, want and use.

Current category listings include, software/hardware, conferences, journals, travel grants, financial products and general consumer products.

Your comments and/or suggestions are always welcome!

Please Note: IAASSE reserves the right to change or substitute the benefits, products or services included with membership.