IAASSE tries to bring together academicians, students, scholars and professionals to inspire dialogue, share resources, and address the challenges that incur in research and development. IAASSE is an international association of non-profit with a dedication to work for advancement of the science and engineering by serving both students and professionals through the open interchange of information and technology,


IAASSE started out humbly as an educational awareness group, but then quickly saw the potential for harnessing the power of the internet and social media to raise awareness among research scholars, scientists and engineers to make a difference in our world. IAASSE was founded in 2012 to promote research and development in international affairs. Originally the brain-child of P. Om, N. Telcia and R. Kevin, today IAASSE proudly have a worldwide team of contributing members, creative writers, bloggers, and news junkies. Through the power of activism and the internet, we strive to improve the quality of research and its development for life of ourselves, our peers, and future generations. By rapidly growing IAASSE has led to Chapters in Africa, China, Europe and India that foster networking opportunities for strengthening ties within and across countries and technical communities.


IAASSE is a member-driven organization that accomplishes through the efforts of its members. It keeps moving because of wide range of activities like organization of conferences, journal editing, research paper series publication etc. Its members are encouraged to take a direct hand in policy decision of the association. IAASSE cooperates with many international educational institutes in over 10 countries. IAASSE is a partner in publication with some world famous publishers like ELSEVIER, SPRINGER, IGI Global and at the grassroots level, it's a rapidly growing international community of scholars, scientists and engineers for lending valuable suggestions at conferences and other events.


IAASSE has its members from all sectors of science to technology, from computing sciences to their applications, from designing to the development of theory, from utilization to scientific investigation and from management to the humanities.

IAASSE offers annual membership and its Professional  and  Student memberships are open to all interested in the purposes of the association subject to the eligibility. Presently, IAASSE has more than 5000 professional and student members worldwide.